I have always wondered about Love. Who he/she is, what they would look like, what they are about.  I always envision Love as a person. No a god seems apt. A demi- god with no identifiable gender.  I envision their Majesty, regalness, their temperament, the arrogance in their mere presence. I recognise the power and how in their presence, a once broken heart is set alight. How caged hearts flutter excitedly, seeping through the seams to escape their prison. At their mere voice, a heart is broken and an end realised. When their piercing arrows have claimed their latest victims moving through the flesh and blood of their followers, lovers become foe. A cruel joke that  echoes through time. An addiction, an indescribable rush, an irresistible companion to lighten the load of lifes storms. With sweet kisses and timeless infatuation, everyone cowers at your mercy. You conquer the nations with a chaste kiss and a brazen embrace. You hold us captive. Elusive and unyielding in your amorous hold; stubborn, selfless, with selfish intentions, you reign above all. Careless, carefree, with a wild and raw disposition, those who sit at your table are left full with a fiery zest for existing. Fearsome. Seducer, heart bully, teacher, punisher, soul churner, joyous companion. You are this and so much more, an enigma.

Like a unicorn in the world of dragons.






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