Her Dream

“She was a willing participant in her barter. A barter she envisioned would bear the perfect future…her perfect future.
A perfection that lay embedded within the bag that the world lusted after.
The moolah.

Now, here she stood, a witness to her very own reinvention and bastardization.
A reinvention that entailed the ripping, dissection, reprinting, redecorating and imprinting of a new image,
a new being

An image of worldly acceptance
An embodiment that belied the reality of her dreams come to life.
An embodiment that cried foul to the scent of her aura, her Soul
She was dressed to the nines in the fortunes thrust upon her by the world

And away she went without that companion that whispered visions of her dream at day and at night
Away it went on its own journey
Her Soul
casting a forlorn look to the duplicated vessel
The vessel that so easily bartered it away”

A.K (15)


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