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“There is a helplessness about the air tonight.

A crippling sense of state that slithers across the floor,

dragging its sludge across the wall, to the ceiling

and finding rest,

rest atop my skin  

numbing my senses and feeding the salty ears from mine eyes. 

I look around at the audacity of the darkness that slowly encamps and envelops the entirety, 

the crevices of the earth

and i realize i recognize it no more. 

The stench burns my throat.

Sand the color of blood,

rivers tainted with the colors of life, 

life that fueled a once beating heart, a vibrant soul;

everything stands battered, bled, burned and numbed. 

Numbed by the darkness we have welcomed with open arms,

darkness that we have fed and clothed in favor of the instant gratification;




and all their cousins currently reside in this place.

And I am slowly drowning in this helplessness

as my lungs fill with the stench….

That stench”


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