Certain days (nights included) bring with it thoughts that births shorts/poetry/words like this. It is always a slow build, forming ominously and innocently in the day…taking shape till i reach the point where possession is the ultimate end. Possession by whom or what, i never know. It is always formless and unnerving…

“My Desire,

My all-seeing lover

naked and bared to you, I am;

Captivated by your Being and Will…

You enthrall me

Enslaved by my hunger that has you at its helm



pulling at the strings of 

my need

causing such unquenchable sweet pain

to ripple through my veins

till i cry out…

‘Please me’, my lips sing

‘i implore you’, 

they beg

whatever you desire.

‘Possess me’

My heart has no place in this space….



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