She was what she was.

A whore,

a lady of delight where morality was lost.

She  carried filth and debauchery in her stride,

delighting in the paper that filled her pocket.

He saw it in her eyes.

The pit that he would lose himself tonight;

silence and ecstacy will bathe together with no expectation.

He eyed her with an amused look

wondering why the crrease in her brows featured on her sin dipped face

“You’re mad?”

” You made me wait” she said.

“i don’t wait” she adds

Bemusement filled his face

i didn’t know whores kept to time

Now you know she retorts



seee i like to be on time

fucked on time

come on time

and paid on time

In that order,

her mouth curled like a tempestous storm.

Bemusement crawled slowly to his loins as the pit made its presence known

(A.k 16)



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