I saw Mummy today,

I spoke her name out loud, with glee in my voice

with eyes feasting on her frailty.



I saw the face that distance and dreams had dragged across oceans to strange lands.

That time flirts with.

I felt her leathery skin beneath my fingers as my willowy arms wrapped around her.


admist the throngs,

i beheld her graying hairs

witnessed as the wisdom lines;

the wrinkles lay claim to the being that housed me.


i heard her voice loud and clear,

the voice that held strength, love, terror and wisdom once so close,


i listened with a somber heart as the wrinkles told tales of memories created and etched in the past….

of encouraging words woven together like a protective shield against life.



she listened as the harbinger….Time, stood whispering dreams lost by the wayside of life’s perils



she listened, with tears in her eyes as Time slowly stole Mummy away


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