Short Stories


Window 5

She let the triumph of her mothers’ acolytes arm her, letting their victories cloak her in this endeavor. Their favor followed her as she stepped out of the sweat scented taxi. She walked confidently like a woman on a date with destiny to join the winding line of bodies eager to enter the white bricked building that held the fates of those eager to taste the shores of the promised land; America.

Now here she stood. Window 5. Staring at the face of a bearded man with red skin like chicken tossed in hot water. His hair the color of wheat, was brushed carefully to the side away from his red face which flaunted his round cheeks. A cream shirt with beige tie matched his emphasized redness. He looked like those naked round babies with wings that lined the pages of history books- Cherubim she thinks they were called. This  cherub had kind smiling eyes that spoke before he did. In that smile, her faith was reinforced.

“Your documents” the kind eyed red man said.

She handed it over, smiling at the next words he would say, thanking the gods profusely for their presence…

She watched as the turning pages competed with the sound of the air-conditioning on full blast.

She scanned the faces around the air-conditioned room, sweating as they laid silent entreaties at the feet of the one they served.

Stamp. She smiles.

“I’m sorry but you do not fulfill the requirements for an American visa at this time.” The smile slowly crawled off her face. You are welcome to try again in a couple of months’ time.”

Window number 5…

His cherub smile followed her home, like an unwanted companion



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