He hated it. The strength of my tongue

like he taught me to tame it. The fire that burned beneath my chest….

like he taught me to make a feast of my mother’s silence. 

This wanton tongue of mine, 

fashioned from the oppressed eyes and sighs of the supple bodies

sharpened edges doused in the tears of my women passed. 


This tongue will no longer hold this weight. 

She will soar free with no fear.




She wore her weakness like a badge of honor
Sporting the finery that each weakened moment

had etched about her.

Beautifully broken lines
Woven intricately into the fabric of her body,
She had no need for gold and diamonds
For she found it within herself,
Smelting her circumstances
Sharpening her existence
to become her own hero,
Digging though the mud to find her nirvana.
Her weakness, her pride,

her Freedom.



I’d always known your ugliness lay beneath the surface;

Now i sit across from you

witnessing and pleasuring in your undoing;

watching as that veneer of charisma is ripped like the earth

to unravel the very depth of your ugliness.

I watch in glee

as your very words reveal the darkness that you tried to feed me


And i breathe for with each layer peeled,

i finally see my beauty


(A.k 16)


Prose before hoes

As pen dances on paper, the ink of my thoughts are fueled by passions, pain, pleasure, desire, fears.  Words on empty parchments release unsaid things, unthought-of things, unsavory things. Doors of the heart unlocks ever so slightly, weary of the world outside, of the reception from the audiences. The dark corner of the mind screams silently, ‘Throw caution to the wind, live and love in careless abandon, forget the world and its shrapnel crippling laughter. Mocking, arrogant in all its ways. So I tread carefully, like a baby, feeling my way around the world, soaking it all, observing, meditating, till my knees support my legs, and I take my first brave step. Fool-hardy my mind tells me. I ignore the growing niggling doubt that laces each footstep I take. Cumbersome as it felt, giddy as I was, I danced with careless abandon with the noise and eyes of my spectators as companions. We became one, my self and the crowd lost in the eyes, the essence, the breath, the writhes of the universe whilst my soul watching from a distance, drinks my distance with disdain. I bask in the feel of flesh on flesh, hands to untouched places, the hotness of desire itself, the thirst of a fool-hardys lust. Unquenchable, I relieve it and live it over and over again, until I cant take it anymore, till my body feels like prison walls with fortified bars. I want to emerge, need it even. To burst forth, to ride the euphoric waves of life, to be dressed with its emotions, adorned with the emptiness of lust, desire, arrogance, but at what cost will i be lost?


(A.k 15)

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