You are too bold, they said. 

Do my words sting?

does your blood rise from fury from the flow of truth uncouth?

does my release from years of tormented silence shrivel your manhood?

does the blood coursing from my ripened tongue turn your flesh cold?


bear witness

as the color gushes forth unbidden from this ocean




Once upon a time

Once upon a time,

I carried spring within me;

revival and renewal grew harmoniously in my core,

birthing hope on the daily.

For i housed Gaya.

Now My curse makes its home on my shores, 

Making camp, as it tears gleefully into my soul.

For How long will you stay?

For how long will i entertain this guest, 

serving tea and sweets to this thing

will i be held captive in this place like the prayer beads hold captive ones blessings? 

Is this home?

or will my soul find freedom

taking flight like the birds of the air do?

Am i forever to be courted by this thing,

embracing it, 

making a home,

sharing its bed like forlorn lovers?

My mystic will you stay silent?

Will you rob me of respite.

Relieve me of this curse 





Give to me the passion that unfurled within and burned the ground in its wake

 the tears that broke many a heart…

Give me the years of  hope laden breaths,

the odes and prayers that escaped my lips,

whipping my spirit into shape.

Cloak me with my pride,

that i may  be armed against the tyrant lips of the outside. 

Give the love that was once mine;

a brief moment, lost in time..

Give me court to glimpse his eyes to satiate my soul

to drown in that soul that so engulfed me. 

Give me my life

for i do not recognize the footprints that follow my shadow



Here i lay with my home;

watching the dawn kiss the earth, ‘rousing it from slumber.

playing the fool…waiting

for the night to fall that i may lay;

once again

with this darkness,

this place i call home

allowing our sins spill over into the silent hours of dawn




(N.K 85)



She was what she was.

A whore,

a lady of delight where morality was lost.

She  carried filth and debauchery in her stride,

delighting in the paper that filled her pocket.

He saw it in her eyes.

The pit that he would lose himself tonight;

silence and ecstacy will bathe together with no expectation.

He eyed her with an amused look

wondering why the crrease in her brows featured on her sin dipped face

“You’re mad?”

” You made me wait” she said.

“i don’t wait” she adds

Bemusement filled his face

i didn’t know whores kept to time

Now you know she retorts



seee i like to be on time

fucked on time

come on time

and paid on time

In that order,

her mouth curled like a tempestous storm.

Bemusement crawled slowly to his loins as the pit made its presence known

(A.k 16)


She had learned to love it all,

starting from the very parts that she refused to see 

Loving the parts that had separated her from the goddesses she rested with…

bosoms full,

hips ripened with the mark of creation…

She had learned to see her face,

her form

her grace

poised powerfully amongst the beauty she was surrounded by 

Oh what beauty.

She was learning..

by God she was learning 




to see,

to master,

to love,

to recognize herself in the sea of Queens….


(A.k 15)


Certain days (nights included) bring with it thoughts that births shorts/poetry/words like this. It is always a slow build, forming ominously and innocently in the day…taking shape till i reach the point where possession is the ultimate end. Possession by whom or what, i never know. It is always formless and unnerving…

“My Desire,

My all-seeing lover

naked and bared to you, I am;

Captivated by your Being and Will…

You enthrall me

Enslaved by my hunger that has you at its helm



pulling at the strings of 

my need

causing such unquenchable sweet pain

to ripple through my veins

till i cry out…

‘Please me’, my lips sing

‘i implore you’, 

they beg

whatever you desire.

‘Possess me’

My heart has no place in this space….