If only to savor the depths, 

i will wade into the abyss, 

watching as the sands of time

arrest the universe, 

in hopes that in this forlorn moment 

Home, i will find




I come from a tribe of sex-less women

women who drown in the pools of birth and piety to keep a man

Women who balk at the call of their innate need…

need to feed the goddess that reside within them

I come from this place 

where self-indulgence spells harlot 

where fucking mocks piety

The piety of bearing a seed in this sin

I come from this place 

where pleasure demands immediate cleansing, 

to wash this scent of life itself, clean

I exist in this place where my desires reflection stands like a stranger 

An affront to my eyes



I have learned to wade into the shallow waters of pain.

To recognize my reflection in its murky waves

letting my body, weighless to its power

surrender to this undulating will

I bare witness as my ego sinks to the bottom, 

feeding the ravenous hunger that fill it

dying a little from this  unwanted surrender.

I claw at life, 

at joy,

holding on,

searching for respite. 

Hoping against these insistent waters

to find revival in its depth.

for nourishment to fill my soul, in this place


Here i lay with my home;

watching the dawn kiss the earth, ‘rousing it from slumber.

playing the fool…waiting

for the night to fall that i may lay;

once again

with this darkness,

this place i call home

allowing our sins spill over into the silent hours of dawn




(N.K 85)


Tell me

Tell me,
is it not enough?

…that you wear sadness about you,
crowning its glory in your life as you worship at its feet?
Will you not walk in the glory of your joyous spirit?

What entices you so about sadness that you cling like a child clings to a mothers sturdy shoulder?

Is it your safe haven?

is your rebirth in this space


Tell me young soul

whisper to me why..



I saw Mummy today,

I spoke her name out loud, with glee in my voice

with eyes feasting on her frailty.



I saw the face that distance and dreams had dragged across oceans to strange lands.

That time flirts with.

I felt her leathery skin beneath my fingers as my willowy arms wrapped around her.


admist the throngs,

i beheld her graying hairs

witnessed as the wisdom lines;

the wrinkles lay claim to the being that housed me.


i heard her voice loud and clear,

the voice that held strength, love, terror and wisdom once so close,


i listened with a somber heart as the wrinkles told tales of memories created and etched in the past….

of encouraging words woven together like a protective shield against life.



she listened as the harbinger….Time, stood whispering dreams lost by the wayside of life’s perils



she listened, with tears in her eyes as Time slowly stole Mummy away